German Perl Workshop day 1

Today, the german perl workshop 2011 started. Today's keynote was done by Heiner Kuhlmann, who talked about software architectures and refactoring. The interesting point was the parallelism between data structures and software structure. All the time I was comparing his talk with Robert C. Martin's book "Clean Code" which mentioned refactoring a couple of times. The common denominator is that refactoring without intensive testing cannot be successful.

Renée Bäcker demonstrated the use of Role::Basic for non-Moose environments. Looks very useful.

Rolf Langsdorf talked about possibilities to extend Perl's syntax using syntactic sugar and function prototypes. He tries to avoid source-filters and parsers in order to avoid breakage of external tools.

Uwe Voelker talked about HTML5::Sanitizer, a module he wrote to clean uploaded HTML code.

Max Maischein demonstrated Web Scraping techniques using FireFox to allow scraping websites that depend on JavaScript.

Looking forward to tomorrow's talks :-)


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hej you forgot my "perl 6 data structures" talk :)

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