German Perl Workshop day 2

Today, we had more talks than yesterday. Marc Chantreux talked about his module, 'Perlude', an interesting CPAN module porting some of Haskel's ideas to perl.

Gerhard Schwanz presenting Mapweaver was the next speaker, directly followed by Denis Banovic presenting the simplicity of Dancer. For me, this talk was the best of today.

Steffen Ulrich gave an excellent introduction into TLS and explained some recently happening issues and how they could occur.

As a replacement for an omitted talk, Heiner Kuhlmann presented a tool to display some software quality metric values graphically. Nice to see Perl-Critic in colored boxes :-)

Herbert Breunung talked about some features of Perl 6. Whenever I hear him talking, I wish Perl 6 was already production-ready. All the new features are really awesome!

The last two speakers before the lightning talk session were Rolf Langsdorf showing a way of using macros to expand Perl 5 and Lars Dieckow who gave another SSL talk. The Macro-Talk was very impressive but I have to take a look into the sources in order to fully understand what happens under the hood.

As usual, the lightning talks went over too fast. The things I remember most were a new search engine operating under Perl: and the reminders to next year's German Perl Workshop in March and the YAPC Europen in August.

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