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very often, when I see a logo drawn by somebody else, I highly appreciate his or her work. Many logos are simple but very easy to remember and recognize. Graphics is not my business. Maybe I just made more than 1000 graphical mistakes. However, my father-in-law when he was some 80 years old always used to say 'I am young and still can learn'. Here is my first graphical try (click to enlarge):


Improved version:


I hope it is not too bad. Otherwise I will have to wait until I reach a reasonable age :-)


Just move the left part of the image ("M" logo, C and P) closer to the "A", then it'll look better. Otherwise -- submit it to the contest, it's way better than some other candidates.

I like it - it's simple, clean and attractive. But I fear people may not be able to read "MetaCPAN" out of it properly the first time.

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