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A new sponsor: $foo - Perl-Magazin

$foo - Perl Magazine is our second sponsor.


The purpose of $foo magazine is to present and discuss projects written in Perl; to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the community including about The Perl Foundation; to publish tutorials on Perl projects such as WxPerl, Perl 6, Moose; it also gives news on CPAN modules (6 new modules are covered in each issue).

We will contact mo…

About Frankfurt...

Frankfurt am Main - better known as simply Frankfurt - is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth largest city in Germany. In 2009 over 600,000 peopled lived there and the Rhein-Main-Area (which is the second largest metropolitan area in Germany) has a population of about 5,600,000.

Frankfurt is the financial and transportation center of Germany: It is the seat of the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the German Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Trade Fair.

But Frankfurt was an important city in the history, too. The very first democratic elected German parliament had its seat in Frankfurt.


Those who set out on a discovery tour of Frankfurt can easily reach many of the sites on foot or by bus and train. Many attractions are not very far from one another in the city centre. And with public transport, you can quickly reach further sights such as the Palm Garden and the Zoo. A city tour with the nostalgic tram, the ‘Ebbelwei Express’ is particularly popular. And culture lovers will find an impressive selection of renowned museums on both banks of the Main.

Some of the intresting things to see:


The Römer, a Frankfurt landmark, is among the most beautiful and oldest town halls. Its silhouette, with three gables and the famous balcony, is known throughout the world.

Ebbelwei Express

This colourful tram carriage, which takes you to the finest sights in Frankfurt, offers an original city tour. Guests can enjoy the trip over a glass of cider.

Imperial Cathedral

Visible from far away and of exceptional historical significance: Saint Bartholomew’s Imperial Cathedral is a Frankfurt landmark and the coronation site of German emperors.

Saal Lane

The numerous postmodern façades behind the Schirn bridge the gap between contemporary architecture and the medieval buildings on the Römerberg.

There is much more to see in Frankfurt... A short video about Frankfurt

The volunteers - VIPs every event need

An event can't be done without them and every organizer ist happy when there are lots of these people - the volunteers.

Only a few minutes after the announcement that we host YAPC::EU 2012 some people came to me to offer their help...

Getty will do all the social media stuff, Wendy offered to help at the event (help with registration desk, help people to find the rooms, ...), and Steffen, Roman, and Gabi offered to help with stuff that can be done remote.

There is enough to do :-)

We'd like to say thanks in advance. You rock!

About YAPC::Europe 2012

user-pic YAPC::EU 2012 blog about their activities wrt yapceu2012.