YAPC::Europe 2012 still alive

We are still alive!

Our silence regarding the progress and especially
the venue location and conference dates is owed to the restrictions of
the planned venue which explicitly forbids mentioning the date and
place before the contract is signed by both parties.

We didn't keep up with the post frequency after the first blog posts,
but as the contract should be signed at the start of January 2012, you
should see more frequent updates from us again. We can't promise to compete with the excellent communication of YAPC::NA 2012 though.

We wish you a good start in 2012 and hope to see you in Frankfurt!


It's really not that hard to compete with me. It takes about 8 hours per month (or an average of 15 minutes per day) to be able to post every single day.

The tricks are:

1) Use a good blogging system that has a really good scheduling function (like Tumblr).

2) Publish all your posts in advance, on the days that you have less going on. That way you won't have to worry about it on the days where you are stressed out with other stuff.

3) Every time you make a decision or find out some new info, make a note about it to write a post. That way you will have more than enough content to post every single day.

Happy to hear that you are still alive!
Looking forward to YAPC::Europe and many blog posts.

I'm happy to hear that, I was starting to get worried. I do hope you'll be able to announce the date soon though, I need to plan this summer ahead of time.

Dates, we need dates :) please :)

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