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Findus Internet-OPAC sponsors YAPC::Europe 2012!

FindusBlog.JPGFindus Internet-OPAC sponsors YAPC::Europe 2012! Thanks!

Findus is a media search engine for public libraries written in Perl. With this software users can check if a book is available in their library and what they already have lent.

"What began as a personal project is now serving more than 4 million books, CDs, DVDs etc. and ab…

united-domains sponsors YAPC::Europe 2012

united-domains AG joins this year's YAPC::EU as a Gold Sponsor. Thank you!

united-domains AG is the specialist for fast and simple registration of domain names with over 270 top-level domains.

logo_united_domains.jpgOur core product is the unique "Domain Portfolio", a web-based software tool for managing domain names. This Domain-Portfolio is used for management a…

YAPC::Europe 2012 in Frankfurt am Main

Finally we've received the contract signed by both parties. We are really happy to now be able to publicly announce the date and venue of the YAPC::Europe 2012.

The YAPC::Europe 2012 will take place from Monday, the 20th of August to Wednesday, the 22nd of August at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Universität, on the Bockenheim Campus in Frankfurt am Main.

We will post further information about the venue soon on this blog.

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