Video Recordings for YAPC::Europe 2012

We are looking at recording some or all talks at YAPC::Europe. The most promising option for recording and publishing the talks seems to be to hire a professional team. We don't want to hire that team just to find out that posting of the talk material is unwanted, like Andrew did in Riga.

As a way forward, we will likely ask for the (audio/video) publishing rights on your talk if you submit one. This will not mean that your talk will necessarily get recorded and published, because we don't know whether we will record all rooms on all days. But all other things being equal, we will give submitted talks preference that allow us to publish the video afterwards.

If you think that recording talks is a waste of money and time, as nobody will watch them anyway, please also comment below. It would save us a great deal of organization if there is consensus that videos are undesireable anyway.


I would very much appreciate videos in high quality, so I second the idea of hiring a professional team (if affordable).
The idea of negotiating publishing rights before the recordings are scheduled sounds clever, too. :-)

FYI in YAPC::Asia, we don't have professional video teams, just a HD-capable camera with extended microphones (total ~ $700). We publish this in slightly lower resolution on youtube: (We don't do full HD or live streaming in the hopes that people will see more value in /coming/ to the conference instead of watching everything on the web)

We do however, hire a professional photographer:

From the stats on the youtube page, it looks like videos are getting watched anywhere from 20,30 times to thousands of times, so I think people find them pretty useful. I also personally think they are good to review what you just listened to in the conferences, so I'd personally say videos are totally worth it.

Thanks for the link.
I have just watched rjbs' talk on email. Audio quality is really good.
I think - without wanting to say anything bad or picky - that video could be even cooler, perhaps with respect to the readability of the slides. Something like
with subtitles(!)
or even
(which is a really fun talk, by the way..)

Well, yeah, but the slides are up elsewhere:, and like I said, we DO NOT want people to get the impression that they can get the whole experience by just watching the videos. We actually want people to feel a bit of inconvenience.

So I'm glad you actually thought the quality could be better. YES, it's better if you actually COME to the actual conference! :)

Whoops, wrong link:

BTW, the entire timetable has links to these pages with both videos and slides:

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