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We've already mentioned in the "Call for Speakers", that we'd like to print proceedings for this years' YAPC::Europe. We think that proceedings are a good way to call back the talks you have heard and to get more information about topics you were unable to attend.

It would be great to have a "book" with (nearly) all talks of the schedule...

So we ask the speakers to send their talks as papers, too. We use the tools that were created for the German Perl Workshop many years ago. As this is a proven toolchain, we can provide packages that the speakers can use to write the papers. There is a package for each of these three formats: Pod, PerlPoint, LaTeX. You can find the "HowTo" on our website.

Please send your papers to proceedings@yapc2012.de.

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Great idea. Just try to start accepting talks soon enough so people start writing articles. You know, it is not fair to submit a couple of talks, write them, and get half or none accepted ;)

Good work!

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