Building C/C++ libraries and applications with Module::Build‎

Alberto Simões will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

In this talk I will present the recipe I am using to build Perl Modules that depend on C or C++ libraries (and that ship those C or C++ libraries with the module itself).

The recipe uses a mixture of Module::Build custom building module, ExtUtils::CBuilder for C compiler interface, ExtUtils::LibBuilder to adapt some ExtUtils::CBuilder defaults that make standards library build impossible, and Config::AutoConf for externals libraries and headers detection.

This recipe has been used in a lot of different modules I maintain: Lingua::Identify::CLD, Text::BibTeX, Lingua::Jspell and the recent Lingua::FreeLing2 (still beta) and Lingua::NATools (still not released at the date).

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Alberto, I would love to talk with you sometime about how to incorporate some of your accumulated knowledge with my Alien::Base project.

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