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urbia.com sponsors YAPC::Europe 2012

We welcome urbia.com AG as a Silver Sponsor of this years' YAPC::Europe.


urbia.com AG (a company of Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG) operates the web community www.urbia.de targeting young families with topics like pregnancy, birth, baby and parenting at its core. www.urbia.de attracts 6,5 million visits and 2,3 million unique users per month w…

Net-A-Porter.com sponsors YAPC::Europe 2012

We welcome Net-A-Porter.com as a Gold Sponsor of this years' YAPC::Europe. Without the help of all our sponsors, the event would be almost impossible... Thanks!


What we have to offer is unique; our development teams are truly Agile and embedded …

Deadlines for talk submissions / acceptance

This is just a reminder for you if you plan to submit a talk

The Talk submission deadline is 15th July 2012 (four weeks before the conference).

The latest approval notification is on 31st of July.

We will evaluate talk submissions every three weeks and accept a handful proposals. This doesn't mean that if your talk isn't approved right away, it won't be. However, the sooner you get your talk proposals in, the better chance you have of getting a talk approved and placed on the schedule.

Please also remember
that we'…

Moo - almost, but not quite, two thirds of Moose

Matt S Trout will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

Moose is one of my favourite things to happen to perl in the last five years, but the startup overhead and additional dependencies can be hard to justify for very small projects.

So I asked myself ... "what's the smallest portion of Moose that I could
get by with, that would be easy to build so that when I load Moose my
classes can transparently upgrade themselves?".

The result is Moo - which provides most of the basic syntax of Moose -
and rather than trying to reinvent the MOP part…

What to do in Frankfurt?!

You're going to go to the Moose Hackathon? You arrive in Frankfurt a few days before the event? Then you might want to do something in Frankfurt. We've set up a wiki page with some suggestions...

YAPC::Europe 2012 payments are now open

Actually, the payments have been open for about a week or so, but only inofficially. So, if you have registered but not paid for your ticket you can now do so at


If you haven't registered yet, you can register there or register on the main site at http://yapc.eu/2012.

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