Deadlines for talk submissions / acceptance

This is just a reminder for you if you plan to submit a talk
to YAPC::Europe 2012 in Frankfurt.

The Talk submission deadline is 15th July 2012 (four weeks before the conference).

The latest approval notification is on 31st of July.

We will evaluate talk submissions every three weeks and accept a handful proposals. This doesn't mean that if your talk isn't approved right away, it won't be. However, the sooner you get your talk proposals in, the better chance you have of getting a talk approved and placed on the schedule.

Please also remember
that we'd like to print the proceedings, so talk handouts are important too! We think that proceedings are a good way to call back the talks you have heard and to get more information about topics you were unable to attend.

As people also had asked, the Early Bird offer will exprire early in July.


Does that mean you're going to approve more than a handful of talks soon?

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