Dancer + WebSocket + AnyEvent + Twiggy

Damien Krotkine will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

This in *not* a talk about doing a hello world in Dancer, as there are plenty of it. This is a real-life example of using Dancer to address a problem in an elegant and powerful way

At $job, we have cpan mirrors. We want them to stay a bit behind the real CPAN for stability, but we have a tool to update modules from the real CPAN to our mirrors. Cool.

I wanted to have a web interface to trigger it, and monitor the injection. This problem is not a typical one (blog, wiki, CRUD, etc). Here we have a long running operation that shall happen only one at a time, that generates logs to be displayed, with states that need keeping. In this regard, it's interesting to see how Dancer is versatile enough to address these situations with ease.

This talk details how I did that, the technology I used, and the full source code (which is quite short). I used Dancer + WebSocket + AnyEvent + Twiggy + some other stuff.

This talk doesn't require any particular knowledge beyond basic Perl, and very basic web server understanding.

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