Linux testing with Tapper

Maik Hentsche will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

At the OSRC we run a test infrastructure to test Linux in many orthogonal dimensions: hardware generations, software visible features, kernel branches, Linux-based distributions, virtualization with upstream or distro-specific Xen and KVM, multi-machine scenarios, and running in simulators. Inside of those dimensions we cover regression, functional, and stress tests, benchmarks, guest migration, and reboot and suspend/resume tests.

This talk will give an overview of our test infrastructure (codename "Tapper") and dive deeper into some interesting technical topics like the machine scheduler and the query interface, show the combination of open-source standard protocols and tools to glue everything together, and how we break down that complexity into easy but powerful, scriptable APIs with no client-side toolchain dependencies for the users.

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