Start times for the conference

We don't have the schedule for the talks yet. To help you plan your travels, here is the rough plan into which the talks will fit:

Monday 20th, 9am to 10:30 registration
10:30 start of the conference, keynote
19pm - Social event at Depot 1899

Tuesday 21st, 10am start of the conference day 2
17:30 - end of last talk of day 2

Wednesday 22nd, 10am of the conference day 3
17:00 - end of last talk of day 3

We'll publish the more exact times once the schedule gets more solid and we've checked with the venue on the lunch times.


Wow, 10:00, that's a lazy^W comfortable time to start the conference.

Do you plan 3 or 4 tracks? I'm personally still not sure if I prefere lots of tracks with possible conflicts (but more talks in general) to fewer tracks (and fewer talks)...

Looking forward to Frankfurt!

3 tracks would be nicer than 4 I think, since no matter what there are usually a few you want to attend who go all at once :)

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