There's More Than One Way To Run A Project: The Apache Way

Noirin Plunkett will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

The Apache Software Foundation provides legal oversight and technical infrastructure for about 150 projects with more than three thousand committers. There's much more than just a web server: Apache projects run the gamut from distributed computing and big data processing to end-user office software.

But there is one common Open Source paradigm that's absent at Apache:
the benevolent dictator. Meritocracy, community oversight and
consensus have been the hallmarks of our projects for more than a
decade, and they seem to be working. It's not the only way, but it is
another way.

If you've got some code you'd like to see grow and flourish, be useful
to an ever-wider audience, or attract new contributors, why not come
to this talk, and learn a little more about this alternative model?
Perl's motto says "there's more than one way to do it"; at Apache, we
say "try it and see"!

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