What the sponsors use Perl for (Part 1)

One person asked what the sponsors use Perl for. Here you can find the first answers...


Here at Webfusion, Perl is at the core of our business. It delivers web pages, communicates with internal and external APIs, builds servers, registers domains, configures products and services, and even makes the tea! (That last bit might not be true ... yet!). Our systems are developed in-house, using the best of CPAN, including Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class, Plack among many others. Our websites are delivered via Catalyst and mod perl applications, and most of our underlying system and networking tools are written in Perl.

All our customer's domains are registered and managed using Perl. All our server hosting is implemented using Perl from building the basic servers, to managing the applications installed as part of our shared web hosting packages. We make use of many 3rd-party products to help you design, develop and protect your website, create and use online mailboxes, all of which are configured and managed using Perl.

Perl has enabled us to build our business and rapidly develop new ideas, features and products for the benefit our customers.


Our core product is a IP telephony switch and we use Perl for our commissioning framework (based on SOAP::Lite with Apache & mod_perl) and the corresponding CC and CSC web interface (Catalyst), and for the billing engine, that bills the telephone calls exports to external billing systems in CSV format. We also use Perl for the configuration management tool of the platform and many other small things in cronjobs, monitoring scripts, etc.

The software is released under the GPLv3 and is available on our website:

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