Yandex.Direct: our successful anti-modern Perl

Oleg Komarov will give a talk at YAPC::Europe 2012 described as

Yandex is the leading internet company in Russia, operating the most popular search engine and the most visited website. Yandex.Direct is a system for the placement of text-based advertising. Yandex.Direct web interface is a mature Perl project with lots of users and data, a big codebase and a large team.

We always have lots of new features to implement, maintenance problems to solve and legacy code to refactor.
We'd like to give a brief talk on how we do it. Using Perl, of course.


It's going to be a joint talk with Elena Bolshakova.
Come and see us, we'll try to make it interesting.

I'm interested in this. Can't attend though. Will be looking forward to slides/video. Thanks.

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