YAPC::EU 2012 - an organizers' view - Day 1

The day at the venue began at 7 a.m. and it was already very hot at that time. We did the final preparations at the registration desk and we made coffee. Then a lot of stuff was delivered: water, apple spritzer. We opened the doors at 9:30 a.m. and about 350 people came to the registration desk. They all get their name badges, their wifi credentials and a conference bag (thanks to Webfusion to sponsor the bags!) with the proceedings.

All people had to sign for the wifi credentials so the people had to wait in a queue a few minutes... But I think it worked quite well, because we started only 5 minutes late. At 10:35 Max opened YAPC::Europe 2012. After the opening session the host of next years' YAPC::Europe was announced: Kiev. Congratulations to the Kiev guys. We really look forward to next year!

The conference itself started with a keynote given by Larry. Unfortunately I can't say much about the keynotes and other talks because being an organizer you have too much to do to attend many talks. But other people blogged about YAPC as well...

During the coffee break we served some ice. This was a very hot day, so that the ice was welcome ;-)

After the talks we waited for the six buses that should bring us to the social event which took place at the "Depot 1899". The Depot Sachsenhausen was set up by the Municipal Tramway
Frankfurt's as the first own depot for the "electric". It was used as a depot until 2003. Our three mainsponsors - XING, cPanel, and booking.com - provided a hessian buffet with lots of local food and applewine.

A beautiful day came to end...

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The icecream was very welcome, thanks!

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