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YAPC::EU 2012 - an organizers' view - Day 1

The day at the venue began at 7 a.m. and it was already very hot at that time. We did the final preparations at the registration desk and we made coffee. Then a lot of stuff was delivered: water, apple spritzer. We opened the doors at 9:30 a.m. and about 350 people came to the registration desk. They all get their name badges, their wifi credentials and a conference bag (thanks to Webfusion to sponsor the bags!) with the proceedings.

All people had to sign for the wifi credentials so the people had to wait in a queue a few minutes... But I thi…

YAPC::EU 2012 - an organizers' view - Day 0

We read on Twitter etc. that many attendees were on their way to

After the preparations we headed to the pre-conference meeting at Café Extrablatt where we enjoyed the weather and cool drinks. We assume that there were about 200 Perl pe…

Getting to the Venue


Our intrepid mapper and OpenStreetMap contributor Wieland has created a photo walk from the Airport to the venue. It also works as a guide if you arrive by train at the main train station ("Hauptbahnhof").

The Conference T-Shirts

The T-Shirts have finally arrived. Weirdly, some of them are longsleeved, which we didn't order. But there's no time to send them back. Maybe you can wear them in winter.


We chose to go for two colors for attendees this year, blue and grey. I hope you like them. The bright yellow ones are for the organizers, so they stick out.

Schedule for YAPC::Europe 2012 is online

After hard work and many trade-offs, we have finished the schedule for this years YAPC::Europe. Find the three days on the YAPC::Europe website (iCal export).

Unfortunately it is likely that there still are talk conflicts where you would like to attend two or more talks at the same time. We are recording some of the tracks, so hopefully you can watch the talks you missed after the event.

Social Event at Depot 1899 in Frankfurt am Main

On the evening of the first day of the conference, we will hold the Social Event
Here you will be able to wind down from a day of talks with a buffet.

We arranged a bus transfer from the University to Sachsenhausen. As Sachsenhausen is
close to the city centre, you may want to finish the day by taking a walk
through S…

Activities in Frankfurt for you and your partners

Just because you're coming to a conference doesn't mean your loved ones must stay back home. And if they do come with you, the fact that you're at the conference doesn't mean they have to stay at the hotel.

We've put together some activities in and around Frankfurt on the wiki

Start times for the conference

We don't have the schedule for the talks yet. To help you plan your travels, here is the rough plan into which the talks will fit:

Monday 20th, 9am to 10:30 registration
10:30 start of the conference, keynote
19pm - Social event at Depot 1899

Tuesday 21st, 10am start of the conference day 2
17:30 - end of last talk of day 2

Wednesday 22nd, 10am of the conference day 3
17:00 - end of last talk of day 3

We'll publish the more exact times once the schedule gets more solid and we've checked with the venue on the lunch times.

Books, books, books ...

We will have a lot of books at the venue: Liz and Wendy will bring their incredible Perl library to the venue. If you want to know which Perl books exist, you should have a look at the library. As far as we know they have all Perl books ever written.

And there will be a booth where you can buy books. That booth is run by "Gutenberg-Buchhandlung".

Only one month...

... until the conference starts. Are you prepared? Have you registered? Have you booked your flight and hotel?

We really look forward to an interesting event. Lots of people to meet, great talks and much more.

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