Perl Weekly Challenge W025 - Longest Pokemon Sequence, Chaocipher

New week new challenge!

And for this week we have two awesome tasks for this week's challenge, too awesome not to blog about it.

If you'd like to join the fun and contribute, please visit the site site managed by Mohammad S Anwar.

Task #1 - Longest Pokémon Sequence:

Generate a longest sequence of the following “English Pokemon” names where each name starts with the last letter of previous name.

audino ba…

Perl Weekly Challenge W024 - Smallest Script, Inverted Index

I've been doing the Perl Weekly Challenge (PWC) for 3 weeks now. So far there's been unique challenges that made me utilize different modules. I even submitted a solution using APIs which I haven't done in my work because I didn't have any reason to. (lol)

If you'd like to join the fun and contribute, please visit the site link managed by Mohammad S Anwar.

Task #1 - Smallest Script:
The tasks for this week's challenge (#24) are a bit confusing at first but I jus…

Perl Weekly Challenge W023 - Difference, Factors and Poem

This week's challenge is composed of three tasks.The first one is to get the n-th order of forward difference of a given list.

Task #1 - N-th order difference:

Suppose we have list (X) of numbers: 5, 9, 2, 8, 1, 6 and we would like to create 1st order forward difference series (Y). So using the formula Y(i) = X(i+1) - X(i), we get the following numbers: (9-5), (2-9), (8-2), (1-8), (6-1). In short, the final series would be: 4, -7, 6, -7, 5. If you noticed, it has one less number than the original series. Similary you can carry on 2nd order forward di…

Perl Weekly Challenge W022 - Sexy Primes

I was googling about perl, hoping to see an active community that is dedicated to perl. I have been an active member of codesignal and I primarily use perl to solve the challenges. And then, I came across the website that is being maintained by Mohammad Anwar. The website as the name implies, post challenges every week it usually consist of three tasks.

Task #1 - Sexy Prime
For this week, the first task is …