Let's post information about your production to blog

Let's post information about your production and your work to blog. It is important to inform your production and work even if it is not complete. Other people can know your idea, your technique, and your concern.

Even if it is good production, if no one know it, no one use. To spread good production from person to person, we need good communication. blog is good place to inform your production, your module, your work, your application.

Blog is public, rapid, understandable communication compare with face book, twitter, IRC, mailing list.

I think Perl culture is close to IRC and mailing list, compared with Ruby, Python, PHP. I think Perl need more web, more public information.



No doubt it would be great if we could get more people involved in writing about Perl and about there work. A few years ago there was basically nothing, at least post Ironman Challenge we do see people blogging, and a big thanks to the people that put blogs.perl.org together as well.

Perl community tends to use IRC a lot and some groups use mailing lists. But generally its not easy to find that on the web.

I'm not sure why this is the case, but I can just assume most Perl programmers don't see blogging as important to their career development (and it probably isn't so much, compared to languages that have more people in it and as a result a stronger desire to stand out somehow). And many Perl shops are not run by people where blogging is for example encouraged. So this just isn't yet a part of how we think.

I'm not sure how to change it up, I'll just keep blogging myself as I can :)

Your thoughts regarding people should blog more about their actual work is a good one and probably something that people who otherwise might feel they have nothing to say might find something to say.


At least mailing lists and IRC are places for discussions. Blogs are not. Especially if they are using closed platforms, such as Disqus and Gravatar, that only aim to track their users.

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