Stack OverFlow Perl Entry Count is very few

StackOverFlow Perl Entry Count is very few.

The following is Stack OverFlow topic count by language.


If people see this, many people are thinking that Perl is old language and age is ruby or python. I hear Perl is hated in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley engineer like ruby or python than Perl.

I want current Perl user see Web more. Perl is not bad language. Perl is good as same as ruby and python. Perl is good language. The perspective of performance and stability is best. But Perl is beaten by web information war.

Perl have't taken care of image of language outer people have. so although perl is not bad, Perl is beaten by web information war. Now Perl have many good modules, Carton, cpanm, perlbrew, Plack, Mojolicious. they are great modules. We recommend Perl with confidence. We don't need to have embarrassment by using Perl.

I want Perl user to take care of web posting and web technology topic.


Maybe perlmonks eats some part of stackoverflow perl traffic?

Is there anything like perlmonks for other languages?

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