I start creating static perl

I started creating static perl. This is static typed and perlish language.

static perl - static typed and perlish language

My main activity is GitPrep this year. I plan to add issue system and wiki system. But I'm hangry. I want to do more about Perl.

Python has pypy. This is a static implementation of Python. Perl don't have yet tools like pypy.

In this month, I create only main syntax structure of static perl. OP tree and virtual machine are not yet created.

The purpose is fast compile, fast runtime, fast culculation, parallel, GC.
These are the lack of perl language.
And I also want to implement static perl as XS in order to call static perl library from Perl language.

This is one answer of the entry How about separating dynamic world and static world?

This is a experimental project. If you are interested in this project, Please share it on GitHub.

Share static perl on GitHub


When I saw the title saying "static perl", my first thought was a statically-linked build of perl.

RPerl is not the same but worth looking looking at for inspiration/collaboration

2008 was a long time ago.

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