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I'm Yuki Kimoto. I'm Japanese Perl programmer. I have twitter account. Until now I only tweet newer perl information using Japanese. but from know I tweet using Both Japanese and English.

I tell you what I find, what I think it is good about Perl(perl core feature, web application, cpan module), and my perl product release such as GitPrep.

I'm sharing many topics from now. I add simple description from my experience of professional Perl programmer. If you follow my twitter account, I can tell you good Perl information.

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Hi there! I'm Cafe, a Brazilian Perl programmer.
Its very nice to see people like you engaged to talk about Perl! Thank you!

Please, check my new project DBIx::EAV, an Entity-Attribute-Value implementation for Perl.

Some of its features:

- familiar database query API (DBIx::EAV::ResultSet API borrowed from DBIx::Class::ResultSet :)
- easy entity/attributes registration
- static and dynamic entities attributes
- entities relationships (has_one, has_many, many_to_many, + implicit belongs_to)
- entities inheritance
- automatic database deployment (via SQL::Translator)
- multiple data types
- multi-tenancy

The project is in alpha stage, but it already has the minimum required features and documentation for people to try it and hopefully send feedback.

Again, thank you for spreading the Perl word!

Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz.

Wow, I've written a simple class to abstract select/insert/updage/delete commands for DBIx::EAV, its the DBIx::EAV::Table class.

I could just have used DBIx::Custom if I knew it! Nice module! Thanks!

DBIx::EAV github repo is at

Thank you for your interest!

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