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Mojolicious::Plugin::INIConfig 0.04 is released

Mojolicious::Plugin::INIConfig catch up Mojolicious 7.31.

Mojolicious 7.31 removed some DEPRECATED methods.

I fixed test and release Mojolicious::Plugin::INIConfig 0.04.


Good code style of DBIx::Custom at 2017

DBIx::Custom is good DBI wrapper to insert, update, delete, select easily and clean.

I introduce good code style of DBIx::Custom at 2017.


  my $dbi = DBIx::Custom->connect("dbi:mysql:database=dbname", 'ken', '! LFKD% $&');

Create model

It is good to create model.


Execute SQL

Because model is used, insert, update, delete, select is very clean.

  # Insert
  $dbi->model('book')->insert({title => 'Perl', author => 'Ken'});
  # Update

DBIx :: Custom 0.39 release - Adding SQL generation feature, and simple generation of model

I released DBIx::Custom 0.39. This time it is a big update. Please do test enough when updating.

DBIx::Custom 0.39

New features

The following features are added in DBIx::Custom 0.39.

SQL generation feature

SQL generation feature was added. You can get only SQL and bind values using the query option. This is corresponding to the feature of SQL::Abstract.

  my $query = $dbi->model('book')->…

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