SPVM progress in 2017/08/17(SPVM have static typing and fast and easy to call function)

SPVM project is improved day by day. SPVM is the project which provide static type data structure to Perl, and improve the performance of numeric and array operation.

I start to write SPVM specification. Most of all are Perl syntax.

Latest change is the following.

0.0246 2017-08-17
  - array element is initialized by zero.
0.0245 2017-08-16
  - fix get object byte field bug
  - fix set object byte field bug
  - fix bug that compiler can't load source file over 0xFF bytes
0.0244 2017-08-15
  - implement weak reference to resolve recursive reference
    weaken $obj->{foo};
  - Field become have any object
0.0243 2017-08-12
  - add SPVM::new_object_array_len function
  - add SPVM::Array::Object::set function
  - add SPVM::Array::Object::get function
0.0242 2017-08-11
  - array malloc length + 1. and last value is 0. This is for C level string API.
  - add debug mode. 
    use SPVM::Debug;
0.0241 2017-08-08
  - fix void subroutine bug that if return value is not exists, runtime error occur.
0.0240 2017-08-07
  - fix number literal bug that hex number e and E is floating point specifier
  - add byte and short number literal syntax
  - hex number only allow A, B, C, D, E, F because f is used to specify the number is floating point
    and b is used to specify the number is byte
  - fix array float store and load bug
  - support underline in number literal
0.0239 2017-08-05
  - cleanup enum internal logic
  - fix clang compiler error
  - fix all warnings 
0.0238 2017-08-04
  - Support nested switch statement
0.0237 2017-08-03
  - improve SPVM call_sub performance
0.0236 2017-08-01
  - add __END__
  - SPVM exception can be cached from Perl's eval { ... }
  - fix one character string bug.

I report progress in irc perl11 channel. If you have FAQ, let's ask me.

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