SPVM Language Specification. I start to write it Today.

I start to write SPVM Language Specification.

SPVM Language Specification(Beta before 1.0)

SPVM array operation is 6x faster than Perl 5.26 now. If JIT is implemented, array operation maybe 20x faster than Perl 5.26. This is planed in one year.

SPVM provide you,

-You can write Fast culculation without XS
-You can bind C library without XS
-You can write C language inline without Inline::C

XS is very complex and difficult. SPVM improve usability of C binding and inline significantly.

SPVM communicate with Perl. You can call SPVM subroutine from Perl. SPVM is not single lauguage. You can call SPVM subroutine from Perl very easy.

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