6lang Naming Proposal is Good

I think 6lang naming proposal is Good

6lang: The Naming Discussion Update

I'm Perl programmer, not Perl 6 programmer. People seem to think Perl 6 is successor of Current Perl at first time.

It is strange that Version Number is contained in Language Name. We should admit this idea is wrong.

Perl 5 vs Perl 6 never produce any values. Many misleading occur and it damage Marketing of both Perl 5 and Perl 6.

Both children are damaged for a long time.

In Perl 6

Perl 6 is new language, has new paradigm, features, for example Parallel processing.

But Perl name call in our heart that it is traditional and plain old. Perl is King of script language Backward Compatible. Perl 6 is never so.

New Things need New Name. If old name is used, the value of new things is hard to see from normal people.

In Perl 5

Perl 5 wait to upgrade Perl 7. Ruby became Ruby 2, Python became Python 3, PHP became PHP 7. But Perl is Perl 5 for a long time.

Reset is needed from both perspective of Perl 5 and Perl 6.

Perl 7.0 and 6lang 7.0

If both language start to walk at each way, it is good.

How about Announcement of Perl 7.0 and 6lang 7.0.

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