Simplify Subroutine Signatures

Do you need simple subroutine signatures?

signatures default behavior is simple.

It is simple alias.

# $foo, $bar
sub foo ($foo, $bar) { ... }
sub foo {
  my ($foo, $bar) = @_;
# $foo, @bar
sub foo ($foo, @bar) { ... }
sub foo {
  my ($foo, @bar) = @_;
# $foo, %bar
sub foo ($foo, %bar) { ... }
sub foo {
  my ($foo, %bar) = @_;

I implement simple signature in perl5 branch instead of CPAN module.

Simplify subroutine signatures(GitHub)

This work well. Is it good?


I think it is great idea idea. Though I would have suggested extending the existing module, rather than forking Perl ;). The issue, I guess, always is that one doesn't want many conflicting incompatible branches.

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