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We start Mojolicious 8.12 Japanese translation

I found a friend who helped me with the translation of Mojolicious.

We start to translate Mojolicious 8.12 to Japanese.

Mojolicious Japanese Translation

This translation have helped Japanese Mojolicious users.

"I always see this translation when I have trouble in Mojolicious"

Idea of Raku

Raku is another name of Perl 6.

Use more Raku in more place for people to understand it is another name of Perl 6.

Create raku command which is same as perl6 command.

Create .rk or ra extendion which is same as .pl6 extension.

Create .rm extension which is same as .pm6 extension.

Keep peace, Keep peace, Keep peace. Do not hurt Perl6 commnity.

Release name keeps to be "Raku Perl 6 'Diwali' 6.d" before people understand Raku is a Perl 6 another name.

This release name is not desirable name. This release name is temporary name before peopleā€¦

Raku is peaceful name

Raku is peaceful name.

I hope the discussion of names will decrease and talks about language features will increase.

In fact, both languages have been attacked from inside and outside of community because of problems of names.

Larry Wall made the decision to use Raku as its official name.

Why do not you try to reduce a lot of confusion of past days?

Let's use Raku more.

Raku Language.

Raku Programming.

Raku Programmer.

Raku Conference.

Raku Monger.

Raku WorkShop.

Raku Module.

Raku Script.

Array of Raku.

Hash of Raku.


etc, ...

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