Why Perl 5 benefits is never talked in Perl Weekly Challenge?

Why Perl 5 benefits is never talked in Perl Weekly Challenge?


Hi Yuki,

I beg to differ with you. I came across lots of great solutions in Perl 5 by many experience hackers like Dave Jacoby, Joelle Maslak,. Laurent Rosenfeld, Jaldhar H. Vyas, E. Choroba, Gustavo Chaves, Lubos Kolouch, Roger Bell West, Kian-Meng Ang and many more. However I do agree, we haven't had anything like what Damian Conway presented Perl 6 way of dealing with weekly challenges. If you find Perl 5 not getting enough attention then I might start weekly blog to show Perl 5 power.

I appreciate your contributions to CPAN.

Best Regards,
Mohammad S Anwar

blogs.perl.org may not be the most appropriate venue for conversations or questions like this. The perl subreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/perl/ or Twitter might be better places.

I beg to differ. Twitter might be useful for some purposes, but it is not the right place for any serious reflection about anything.

No need to be sorry. As you’re finding out, blogs.perl.org is not a venue where it’s terribly effective to ask a question like this. But it’s absolutely an appropriate venue to ask it.

(On Twitter it may or may not be more effective… it depends greatly. On Reddit it definitely is, although I don’t know how useful the responses to such a politically loaded question are going to be.)

Yes of course; my use of the word "appropriate" referred specifically to the effectiveness of the medium for that format, and what mediums expect such a format.

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