Giblog 1.0 Released Git Managed Websites and Blog Generator

Giblog 1.0 released. Giblog is a tool for generating a Web site and blog generation tool that can be managed by Git produced by Perl seminar.

Giblog 1.0 Released

Website created by Giblog

You can easily create a static website that can be managed by Git.

Git manage all pages

Advanced SEO measures


Inquiry form

Fast rebuild

Advanced security

Easy search and replace of articles

Windows Mac Linux compatible

Customize freely with Perl

Rebuilt 645 pages in 0.78 seconds. You can manage all of the pages as static files, so you can freely edit and replace using Perl.

Since everything is a static page, the strongest security that does not create vulnerabilities such as page rewriting.

Windows, Mac, Linux compatible.

Function requests such as adding a Twitter card can be realized using Perl.

Upload to Github Pages and your page will be ready.

We also support inquiry form if you can use CGI.

By default, it provides advanced SEO measures that have been proven in Perl seminar.

Smartphone compatible by default. Modern website design is also available with CSS modifications.

Of course Giblog official site is produced by Giblog!

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