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Perl Newbies Forum is started at 2019/09/27

I create Perl Newbies Forum using Slack.

This forum is private room. Let's send mail at the following form.

Perl Newbies Forum Registration

Perl Newbies Forum is run by Perl Newbies

Perl Newbies weekly update 2019/09/21

Perl Newbies weekly update 2019/09/21. Perl Newbies is a site for people who want to learn Perl from now.

I wrote articles about sin function, cos function, warnings module, FindBin module at this week.

sin function

sin function - calculate the sine value

cos function

cos function - calculate the cosine value

warnings module

warnings modu…

SPVM monthly report 2019/9/11

Do you hear SPVM until now?

If you don't hear SPVM, it is good chance.

SPVM is the project to improve Perl culcuration and array operation.

I recently do benchmark.

SPVM add(+) operator performance in for loop is same as C language!

It is faster than Perl 100x.

I'm creating SPVM document in Japanese.

You can see the following.

SPVM Document

I almost finish(90%) specifications.

SPVM Launguage Specificat…

Perl Newbies weekly report 2019/9/11

I started Perl Newbies recently.

Perl Newbies is for yung people who want to learn Perl.

Perl Newbies describes basic things of Perl, not complex things.

Perl Newbies weekly report

I add the following entries about Functions and module.

What is "use strict"?

You may think you see perl program at first.

I describe effects of strict module.

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