Perl Newbies weekly report 2019/9/11

I started Perl Newbies recently.

Perl Newbies is for yung people who want to learn Perl.

Perl Newbies describes basic things of Perl, not complex things.

Perl Newbies weekly report

I add the following entries about Functions and module.

What is "use strict"?

You may think you see perl program at first.

I describe effects of strict module.


Hi yuki,
I like it. This sounds like a mammoth you have some one to help you? I would also suggest you use links to etc. For people to experiment I would also suggest allowing people to test code online say by using You can link your own code for people to see results from your tutorials. The Entries link on the left seems to suggest that the date interpretation may be incorrect. But a great project, very well done.


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