Development community that we can see to development of Perl Part1 - C language specification creating group

The Perl core team seems to be looking for resources to help in language development.

Currently, it seems the material in python.

perlgov: the perl governance document

I feel that Perl and Python cultures are quite different.

It's also based on an improvised document in 2019 when the Python reader quit.

I can understand how envious we are when we see Python attracting users(although
I'm watching a lot of cheating at the same time).

On the other hand Perl has long been a conservative culture.

So, we can refer to the methods used by developers of languages, operating systems and tools that also have a conservative mindset.

The first thing I would like us to refer to is the method used by the group that creates C language specifications.

C language specification creating group

C89, C99, C11

Development of C language has continued some slowly, but functions that users think are lacking have been added.

Specially C99 is added good features I wanted.

It would be worthwhile to ask the C specification group how it was achieved.

I think it's less repulsive and less likely to fail if we adopt a method from a culture similar to Perl rather than a culture opposite to Perl.

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There are a number of critical problems with the perl governance document.

The most outstanding to me is the "Removal" section, where unfortunately we find a structure that facilitates arbitrary removal of people without even the hint of due process. This seems to be the norm in the tech industry unfortunately, allowing people to be accused and humiliated without any recourse, and nothing to punish vigilantism.

So whilst I don't want to doubt people's good intentions, CoC type documents never seem to be written by something thinking "how would i like to be treated if someone brought a false allegation against me?"

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