Directory size calculator

print "Enter a directory \n";
chop ($dir=STDIN);

sub readfiles
foreach $dir (@store)
opendir (DIR, $dir) or die "failed to open:$!";
@thefiles= readdir(DIR);
foreach $f (@thefiles)

unless ( ($f eq ".") || ($f eq "..") )
#print "$f \n";
#print "$path \n";
if ( -d $path)
#print "$f a directory \n";

$a+= $fsdata[7];

print "$a \n";

foreach $store (@store)

print "$store \n";

The above script will help in calculating the size of the directory.


The above code is very hard to read. Is there no way to format it properly?

If you look at Ovid's post :

He's using a "code" tag, and class "prettyprint" (do a "view source") to wrap the code. Is this something you can look into?

Also, it is best practice to :

use strict

and use lexical vars e.g. "my".



Hi Folks

See also:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use File::Find;
# -------------
@ARGV = ('.') unless @ARGV;
my $sum = 0;
find sub { $sum += -s }, @ARGV;
1 while $sum =~ s/(\d)(\d\d\d)(?!\d)/$1,$2/;
print "@ARGV contains $sum bytes\n";

Do you really think this works like you think it does?

opendir (DIR, $dir) or die "failed to open:$!";

are you able to install CPAN modules? (if not, then that's a big drawback to learning Perl)

searching for 'dir size' finds

which sounds like it might already do this for you...?

Well, you are not closing the directory handle that you opened. It works, yes. Because in this case the call to closedir is superfluous. To be totally explicit: you are opening DIR, but you are closing dir.

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