It has been a while since I've blogged, even more so over a webapp such as this. It has been quite some time even for my own personal blog, which I'm now considering to retire as so much of what I share usually now goes to Plurk (and recently, Google+.) Still, I would like to write more about my Perl experiences in depth, so getting an account on this side sounds like a good idea.

Oh, BTW, introductions are in order: I'm Zak, just another Perl hacker from the Philippines. My day job as the head BOFH of Orange and Bronze has me mostly working with infrastructure like Ubuntu and OpenBSD, and dealing with issues with some Java webapps (*cough*) for clients, but I've been a fan of Perl for quite some time. I currently maintain a couple of CPAN modules, with a third one coming, and have been meaning to break into some more serious web development work with Perl, via Mojolicious.

There aren't many Filipino Perl hackers that I know of (there's at least one guy working full-time as a Perl programmer, and the few others are mostly sysadmins, who know some Perl as part of their work.) There's probably others who I don't know, so I have been thinking of starting a local Perl Mongers group here for the longest time. I recently checked the Perl Mongers index and found a, but it currently looks empty (last time I checked there were a couple others, and, but I guess they were removed for being inactive.)

I look forward to finding and meeting more Perl fellows locally, so hopefully this new blog can help in getting attention. I also look forward to engage more with the bigger Perl community and learn from the experience. And along the way, contribute to making $ENV a better place. :)

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Hi Zak

Welcome to Looking forward to see your postings in the future :-)

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