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A colleague @$WORK found this: The Development of a Perl-based Password Complexity Filter. I was going to comment in the site about the presented Perl code looking rather like it was a straight shell script port (though the "use strict" pragma and lexicals indicate some safety, but I'm sure the more experienced Perl hackers here can smell worse.) Too bad it needs approved registration.

But that's not what I'm really wondering; are there more password checkers out there in the CPAN? I've seen Data::Password and its ::Simple variant, but a casual search doesn't bring much. I guess those two modules would be ok, if not for the former's use of global scalars such as $DICTIONARY and $GROUPS to configure the checker (I guess I could submit a patch fixing that... what do you think, lazyweb?)

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I sent a message to the author of that article. Let's see if I can talk to him and get that article improved?

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