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Debian Bash Completion vs POD

It was bugging me that autocomplete for the perldoc command worked for modules and functions but not for bare .pod files. I'd be reading the FooBar docs and find a reference to FooBar::Cookbook::Tutorial and the magic TAB key would not find it for me. :(

--- /usr/share/bash-completion/helpers/perl.orig        2013-05-13 06:25:09.163377047 -0700
+++ /usr/share/bash-completion/helpers/perl     2013-05-13 04:10:34.523819280 -0700
@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@
     chdir($dir) or return;

     # print each file
-    foreach my $file (glob('*.pm}')) {
-        $file =~ s/\.pm$//;
+    foreach my $file (glob('*.{pm,pod}')) {
+        $file =~ s/\.(?:pm|pod)$//;
         my $module = $base . $file;
         next if $module !~ /^\Q$word/;
         next if $seen{$module}++;

Not to Hot for Mojo

I saw a post out in the Blogosphere today about getting weather info from NOAA (The United States National Weather Service). Oh! the horrors of using XML::LibXML or XML::DOM or those other hairy XML modules to get at the data.

The blogger didn't seem to keen on my quick and dirty Mojolicious solution:

$ perl -Mojo -E 'say g("")->dom("temp_f")->first->text'

I guess I was a bit too brief and off the point, so here's a nicer example:

When is line 1 not line 1?

When eval-ing a simple use without a final semicolon, and doubly so on Solaris.

Sometimes eval 'some deadly code' dies at line 2 instead of line 1.