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Why does this happen any time I try to comment even if I just signed in and even did the 'Remember Me' thing?


It quite often seems to happen if you click the "Preview" button, and then go on to submit the comment from the preview page.

If you're using HTML in your comment, a preview is often handy though. So what I do is click "Preview", and if everything's OK, hit my browser's "Back" button before pressing "Submit".

I get the same message when I click "Preview", so I've been avoiding comment previews, but Toby's workflow makes sense to get around the bug. I will not be previewing this comment...

It's a known issue:

But MT issues are a PAIN to fix. I assume patches would be welcome :D

It might even be a proper workaround to simply disable the whole preview button.

I hope the Preview button won't be disabled on the original submission page. It's a lifesaver if your submission has markup in it. Disabling either 'Preview' or 'Submit' or both on the preview page may make a great deal of sense.

This is a bug that appeared the last time we upgraded MT.

If anyone has knowledge of MT and would like to help us track this bug down, then please contact us (perhaps by commenting on the bug at the URL given above).

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