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  • Commented on Google juice
    I really like the interface and I actually skip over the metacpan google links. Mostly because the font size is bigger and more readable and the content isn't squished into the middle of a 3-column layout. But also it's...
  • Commented on A Tutorial for using LibXML from Perl
    The tutorial is fantastic, thanks for writing it. It's very clear and easy to understand....
  • Commented on Site Front Page
    I don't agree with the premise (that "long posts on the front page are bad"), but since you're committed to doing something, I have a couple of suggestions. In addition to "autochopping" I think you should make the fact that...
  • Commented on Crowd funding Pinto
    I love Pinto and Jeffrey was extremely responsive and helpful when I had a minor issue (more misunderstanding on my part). Good luck!...
  • Commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature
    It sounds like your premise is that long posts on the main page are somehow bad. I like reading long posts inline without having to click each article and load a new page, what's the big deal? I recommend leaving...
  • Posted Using XML::Compile to output XSD compliant XML to Brian E. Lozier

    As part of a recent project I was given an XSD file (xml schema definition) and asked to output compliant XML. CPAN to the rescue. I found XML::Compile::Schema which is a cool module that allowed me to do this with…

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  • Dana Jacobsen commented on Site Front Page

    I think it has to be automatic, as some of the people doing it seem to be using cross-posting solutions that will clearly ignore any text suggestions. This has also come up often enough that others who are doing walls of text are either not reading other entries or just don't care.

  • joakim.lagerqvist commented on Crowd funding Pinto

    I like this! Would be cool if flattr ( could be used for this and perhaps also any cpan/perl project in general.

  • Grant McLean commented on A Tutorial for using LibXML from Perl

    Thanks for the feedback Brian, glad you like it.

  • Michael J commented on A Tutorial for using LibXML from Perl

    Another suggestion is use an XML::LibXML document object with

    Together with an XSD it makes it really easy to go from an XML string or file to a Perl data structure and vice-versa, which is what XML::Simple provides and I expect many users of that are looking for, rather than xpath queries for every node. It also has the advantage that it fixes most of the parsing problems inherent in the XML::Simple (especially with the default options), so potentially increasing the robustness of code by enforc…

  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Google juice is closed source. It has not been updated for about 10 years. (AFAIK There were some minor tweaks.) MetaCPAN is Open Source.

    Most of the traffic to comes from search Engines.

    See some CPAN traffic numbers here

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