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  • Commented on Make your CPAN module static installable
    Hi there, Does this relate to the existing `dynamic_config` flag that I added to `Module::Build` (around 15 years ago!)? I don't quite understand the relationship between `x_static_install` and `dynamic_config` - for instance, the cpan-static spec only mentions `dynamic_config`, and...
  • Commented on Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 4 of X) in which I release Archive::SevenZip
    Looks great!...
  • Commented on security breach
    A couple comments: It would be handy to include the link for resetting one's password in this article. The new stronger hashing scheme is good, but it will still leave weak passwords just as vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Users choosing...
  • Commented on cygwin perl updated from 5.10 to 5.14
    Can you say any more about the security problems you see in 5.16? Or point to where you might have already said?...
  • Commented on Big module sizes
    *Extremely* surprising. I have no idea why M::B would be so huge under this metric. Can you tell whether it's M::B itself, or its dependencies?...
  • Commented on Time spent waiting for tests you know will pass is time wasted
    One of the goals I had when starting the Module::Build project was a 'retest' action, to allow someone to run tests using the installed version of their modules, rather than the one in the build directory. It does pretty much...
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  • Ron Savage commented on security breach

    Congratulations from me, too, about the great response.

  • Buddy Burden commented on security breach

    I agree with everyone else that I have no complaints about the speedy, professional way that the breach was handled. I do wish that it hadn't taken this level of problem to get things moving on a switch away from MT, which has been super-wonky ever since I've been here, and not that impressive when it's working as designed. But, hey: if that's the outcome, then I choose to look at this as a positive thing. :-)

  • Aristotle commented on security breach

    Well a move has been in discussion for a very long time. The problem is that while all of four us running b.p.o want to get off it post haste if possible, none of us has the slack to make it a priority project. And now that the site has been brought back online, the urgency is already lessening again. As long as the site is at least limping along, any big change will be slow going.

    And personally I don’t want us to just do something, anything to get away from where we are now – that is the exact strategy that landed us in this bind in the first place. (We didn’t have t…

  • Shoichi Kaji commented on Make your CPAN module static installable

    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment.

    > Does this relate to the existing `dynamic_config` flag that I added to `Module::Build` (around 15 years ago!)?

    CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_4 says:

    A boolean flag indicating whether a Build.PL or Makefile.PL (or similar) must be executed when building this distribution, or whether it can be built, tested and installed solely from consulting its metadata file.

    On the other hand, current ="…

  • Shoichi Kaji commented on Make your CPAN module static installable

    ether pointed out in IRC that Dist::Zilla::Plugin::StaticInstall checked more criteria for the static install. You can use it by:

    ; dist.ini
    mode = on

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