Tim Bunce

  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    Damian Conway has implemented a typically awesome plugin for automatic variable highlighting (and more):
  • Commented on Do not use each
    I wonder if there's some way to make the each op warn if the iterator isn't where it's expected to be....
  • Commented on Patch known perlcore ptr problems
    For the record, since the post has been edited now so the comments can't be seen in context, the original post said: For sysadmins: Please do not install 5.14.3, still avoid 5.16 at all. For downstream packagers: Please do not...
  • Commented on Patch known perlcore ptr problems
    @parv, there is a perl5-security-report mailing list (as described in staffed by experienced people who deal with evaluating potential security concerns and, if appropriate, creating advisories and working with downstream packagers. It seems that there is disagreement on the...
  • Commented on ElasticSearch::AnyEvent pre-release available on github
    Did anything come of this?...
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