• Commented on Perl 7 - Final Thoughts
    Lets just rename it to Peril, then go on rapid release cycle like FireFox. Then we can have a new major release every couple of months, and all the huge benefits that have come with that: Of course, I'm...
  • Commented on Perl 7
    I believe that such action would be a real nail in the coffin. After all the talk of Perl 6 being the language of the future, people see a Perl 7 release, think "Wow lets take a look" and Perl...
  • Commented on still no YAPC::Euope 2013 proposals
    I think Kiev is a good venue. No one has any visa issues getting to Ukraine, so it would open up YAPC::Europe to people from eastern Europe and Russia who wouldn't otherwise be able to go. They did a good...
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  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Perl 7

    As an alternative idea - how about we pick a name rather than getting even further into the numbers game?

    See my blog post on the subject for my suggestion as to what to pick.

    -- mst, out

  • Aristotle commented on Perl 7

    Yes Jenda, these clearly look like dead projects to me. You’re talking out of your ass. As for your opinion that this supposed failure of the effort entitles you to give the people who are working on it a public “fuck you”, how about a nice big cup of shut-the-hell-up.

    Thank you.

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