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  • vsespb commented on My Love/Hate Relationship with CPAN Testers

    > I love CPAN testers unreservedly, and am puzzled by the OP's apparent belief that he, or at least his failing modules, are stigmatized by test failures.

    I did not see OP example, but here are real false positives:

  • David Cantrell commented on My Love/Hate Relationship with CPAN Testers

    Let me address one of your points in detail, before I get to the over-arching point:

    Or maybe in the summary for this package the line listing 5.19.0 should note that this release was more unstable than the others?

    This is already done, by saying that it's perl 5.$odd_number. These are dev releases of perl. Most (all?) tools for looking at test results can distinguish between release versions and dev versions of perl, including the CPAN-testers website and CPANdeps. Testing on dev releases of perl is useful, because it's a great way of both finding bugs in perl,…

  • Mithaldu commented on My Love/Hate Relationship with CPAN Testers

    Rocky, you complain about false negatives and that you cannot remove them from the database. However i find myself hopelessly confused that you ignore the ability to cut a new release, or make your module detect a tester and just give back any kind of result you want. I've as a tester personally had to deal with modules that went "Oh, this is windows, my module works, but i don't know how to test on windows, so i'll issue myself a PASS here no matter what."

    If you say that you're the one with not enough power here, then you're not being nearly creative enough.

  • Joel Berger commented on A Basic Challenge

    I thought you might say that, and IMO, that's more preprocessor than C++ anyway. What would be cool would be implementing a DSL or even a p6 grammar that does it directly.

  • rollbear commented on A Basic Challenge

    Hullo all,

    I don't generally write in Perl, so in many ways I don't belong here. But I was made aware of this challenge, and since I'm the one guilty of the C++ stuff, I thought I'd introduce myself. Hi there!

    Are you sure you want to show that Perl can be an even weirder language than C++ is?

    I understand the spirit. I did this in part because I was amazingly bored, and in part because an ex-colleague complained about having inherited code that reminded him of BASIC. The combination of the two made horns grow on my forehead, and they weren't the BSD type.


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