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    Nice list of new features, thanks much!...
  • Commented on Why I try to avoid Perl's punctuation variables
    I applaud this article and others like it. At $work we are constantly fighting bugs in code that is "too clever" and not explicit. Also fascinating to see what may seem obvious to some (e.g. the Babycart operator) but quite...
  • Commented on Using Minion with a REST API
    Thanks, "your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter." The one I struggle with in your list is the Versioning. Can you elaborate on this a little more? FYI We use Catalyst and...
  • Posted Just follow the raptor tracks! to Steve Nolte

    The Milwaukee Perl Mongers just held their second meeting and had another great turnout. JT from the MadMongers came to visit and presented two fantastic talks.

    To help everyone know where to go when they arrived last night, we laid down some

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  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Using Minion with a REST API

    Good example!

  • commented on Using Minion with a REST API

    When you want to change the semantics of a resource, its type changes, so coin a new link relation for it. You can link to resources of both old and new type for a transitional period in parallel, and mark the old one as deprecated. You do so by amending the document a client gets when dereferencing a link relation URI. HAL even has built-in deprecation support on the link itself.

    When appropriate, you can employ redirects with 301 or 303, it depends on the concrete semantics of a resource, e.g. whether it's backward compatible. When you notice in your logs that most clients do not f…

  • Sachin commented on Using Minion with a REST API

    Thanks good example.

    You used modern Perl with the latest version of Perl(v5.20) and also used the subroutine signature. Two suggestions:
    1. To make code consistent in style, please use subroutine signatures in under anynonymous subroutine as well.
    2. Since you are using modern perl, it would be nice if you use Try::Tiny instead of eval block.

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