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  • Posted Hacked Again? to Nate Glenn

    I was just alerted by that my email address was leaked, and the link given was this:

  • Commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency
    I'm quite excited to use this! I wonder if it will be possible to patch rakudobrew to work on Windows....
  • Commented on Math::Prime::Util, May update
    An XS BigInt module would be great. I have been maintaining Algorithm::AM, which uses custom 128-bit integers in XS code. I'd love to be able to outsource it and simplify the whole thing....
  • Commented on I bought a weekly round for my friends
    I know what the Pumpking is. What is Pumpkin Perl? Is it just Blead Perl? Or is it any release of Perl?...
  • Commented on Reflecting on the winter hackathon competion
    Didn’t know that was possible. Thanks for the tip!...
  • Commented on Which code to read?
    I don't know if I could say necessarily whose modules are the best examples to learn from, but the code I like to read comes from modules that make me think, "how did they *do* that?!" For a good supply...
  • Commented on Testing scripts in your distribution, portably
    I know it's been a while since you wrote this, but thanks for doing so. I referenced it when I was trying to be crazy-thorough. I have a write-up of my tries on SO:
  • Commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?
    I think I've probably graduated to about intermediate Perler. I've really enjoyed it from the very beginning. I started because it was required for a university class: Text Processing and Analysis (though everyone calls it the Perl class). We learned...
  • Commented on List Assignment in Scalar Context
    Oops! Ha ha, all fixed. Thanks for the tip on optional args, too. Like I said, just for a quick and dirty check....
  • Commented on List Assignment in Scalar Context
    BooK: thanks. It's linked from the SO question. How it worked was still unclear to me after reading it, as explained on SO. But it is a good resource. Brad: I had the same thoughts. The one-line version is so...
  • Posted List Assignment in Scalar Context to Nate Glenn

    (Cross-posted on LingMisc)

    This week I received some special help on SO in understanding ho…

  • Commented on Perl and Me, Part 5: Speaking with the speech of coders
    Thanks for a great post! I'm a linguistics geek myself. One thing about Perl that is very languagey to me is the way it binds our community together. We create and share idioms. Certain styles and usages ebb and flow....
  • Commented on Accidentally duplicating tests with Test::Class
    I don't think I get it. You want to preserve the test inheritance, but you don't want the tests to run for each class? 26 tests are run, but there's no message about which test classes were used to run...
  • Commented on Things we don't have #1
    There must be something for syntax highlighting. What does Padre use? Also, something like IPython notebooks would be very neat, with inline PDL pictures and the like. Actually there's an unclaimed quest to make an IPython PDL plugin....
  • Commented on Test repository for Git wrappers
    54fff looks like junk in my browser. Maybe GitHub could use your repository!...
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  • Paul "LeoNerd" Evans commented on Math::Prime::Util, May update

    Ooh, I wasn't aware of the trouble of using List::Util::sum like that. Can you report it as a bug and I'll take a look into fixing it.

  • Aristotle commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency

    To be fair, I think that's only the case for micro-benchmarks that compare Perl 6 **built-in** features with the equivalent features provided by bloated/unoptimized/neglected Perl 5 **modules**. For example, Perl 6's built-in Rat type vs Perl 5's Math::BigRat.

    No, actually, that is no longer true. There are cases where Rakudo/MoarVM keeps up with Perl 5 at built-ins, or beats it handily. At built-ins. Check out the benchmarks and see for yourself. There is a little “[Code]” button ne…

  • smls commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency
    There are cases where Rakudo/MoarVM keeps up with Perl 5 at built-ins, or beats it handily. At built-ins. Check out the benchmarks and see for yourself.

    I only see 3 kinds of micro-benchmarks on that page where Perl 6 comes in faster or as fast as Perl 5:

    1. Empty loops combined with integer arithmetic: while_empty_native, postwhile_nil_native, loop_empty_native

      This seems like an altogether archaic use-case from a P5 point of view (that is, probably not very meaningful with regards to real-life code).

    2. Rational number ar…
  • Aristotle commented on Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency
    But lets not call it before it happens... :)

    The way I understand these results is “here is proof positive that it can”: a plausible promise. There are still seasons’ worth of low-hanging fruit ahead, anywhere you look, so the fact that we have these results now is an encouraging indicator of how high the effort might be able to reach.

    Before this point, that was always the claim and the idea, and for some people it was the reasonable expectation, but there was no tangible evidence. It remains to be seen if the promise can be fulfilled, but th…

  • chhikara.vivek commented on List Assignment in Scalar Context

    I had this page open since long and finally today after reading it i m going to close this ;-).

    Thanks for nice article.

    Personally I liked this piece for avoiding one extra hash value generation under while.

    while(my ($key, $value) = each %hash){...}

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