• Commented on I hate unpacking sub calls with shift
    We have started using for everything at work. It's great. It uses perl's built in keyword api, not Devel::Declare. And the support for parameter type constraints makes our code a lot cleaner, safer, and self documenting....
  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim: the easy way
    This is much better, thanks! Can you pull request this to ? Or create a new github project for it. Vim plugins are easier to manage via pathogen/vundle if they have a corresponding github repo....
  • Commented on Automatic variable highlighting in vim
    Robin, Ultimatto, confuseAcat fixes the sigil negotiation and does it with much less and simpler code:
  • Commented on fatal warnings are a ticking time bomb (via chromatic)
    @gvl, that would be too easy. Also, isn't chromatic guilty of doing a similar type of thing by enabling UNIVERSAL::isa inside of Test::MockObject, which modifies core functionality globally? I remember that causing me a load trouble because of incompatibilities between...
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