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    Hi Friend. I read it today. This happens to me "MANY" times. This is because of the enthusiasm you possessing to learn more. It happened to me even for my last company(Currently I am working Self). What I learned is...
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    I'm currently working on my CV, portfolio, and motivation letter so I can apply to for the UX Designer position. I'm ok with the company having a bureaucratic environment; I survived nearly 13 years in the US military. If we could have fit in any more bureaucracy there, we would have made great honorary Volgons (H2G2 reference). Not to mention, the pay can't be any worse than my current pay for the same job. I always hear about how freelance work gives you more freedom, but in my experience working as part of a team is more conducive to an atmosphere of freedom. If hired,…

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    Well, is it good or not good to work at Booking? And, if it's good, is good to move to Netherlands with family, is it sufficient to live in a good way and dreaming about the future of career and personal life?

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    After a skim read I already think it's a bit of a cliche - it's not just, this type of behaviour is present in many, many companies. That's why nothing beats working for yourself.

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