• Commented on I hate unpacking sub calls with shift
    Newcomers need to understand that sub call arguments are passed in an array. And to appreciate the power of arrays, a programmer needs to understand how shift, unshift, pop, push etc are array operators. I agree that placing a shift...
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  • Tom Molesworth commented on I hate unpacking sub calls with shift

    $! is common enough that it shouldn't need comments, though?

    If the argument is that people learning perl won't understand them, I'd disagree:

    open my $fh, '

    tends to be covered very early in most tutorials, and is also described in perldoc perlopentut. To some extent the same applies to $/, reading in paragraph mode or in fixed chunks is something that you encounter very early.…

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on I hate unpacking sub calls with shift

    Note also that @_ is alias to arguments given to the sub which means that it gives you not only read access to the argument, but also write access if it is a variable.

    my $a = 2;
    say $a;

    sub change_arg_0
    $_[0] = 1;

    say $a;

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